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Another Day

This is normally where I'd talk about the Thursday show, so here goes:  timenchanter was nice enough to run it for me.  That was easy, wasn't it?  I got a few messages from him during the show - apparently it was slow, and as usual, bluize and James demonstrated that they're deaf, and want the music loud enough to make everyone else deaf, too.

During that time, I slept.  And I feel much better for it.  I've been at work most of the day so far, and have been more productive than most days in the last two weeks.  I'm half expecting that this disease is merely waiting in the wings to hit me with a range of nasty symptoms, but so far, I was just feverish for two days.  We'll see how it goes.

I've now watched most of "Prisoner of Azkaban" with Trudi.  Woo!  I need to go back and restart at the parts I slept through.

Today, Trudi asked if she could borrow the car while I was at work.  Since I didn't have a real good reason to say no, I said yes.  This means a couple of things.  First, it'll be fun guiding her back here when she's heading back up this direction.  The girl is more geographically disabled than I am, and that's saying a lot.

Second, she'll be coming with me to this evening's clam chowder extravaganza.  You have been warned.

I'm in the middle of transcribing 17 pages of DICOM attributes from the standard to a DVT definition file.  Suffice it to say the work is both meticulous and boring.  I brought my laptop to the afternoon's planning meeting to continue working on it, since I knew none of the meeting was likely to apply to me.  The combination of the two probably explains why I was ousted from the meeting.

As Stuart said afterward, "It wasn't so much that you were asleep, but that you were snoring."

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