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Fuse Shortening

Had a nice dinner at timenchanter's with him (Of course), rebekie and her husband.

The show - well, the show was interesting.  I didn't start until 8:30 because it took that long to get a total of 3 singers.  It shortly ballooned to 12, and stayed about there almost all night.  sugarbare was bartending on her own, which might have been a problem if everyone had actually been buying drinks.  I have no idea if the bar broke even last night.  Lots of occupied tables with no drinks on them.  Had fun, though.  Met Effie's dog, among other things.  Oh, and Bob sang - twice!  He's a really good singer - just doesn't believe it.

Meanwhile, I got a series of partial texts from stormmonkey about happenings with "She" and her rats.  They may have been partial, but they were complete enough.  Sigh.

I'll be meeting with her about 3:00.  I'll try to bring Mena in as well.  The discussion will center around eviction, of course.  After all that's happened, this should be easy, but it isn't.  I have a long history with "She", some of it very positive.  Also, quite honestly, I'm concerned about the extremely large number of thug friends she has.  Fear is always a factor - but one has to live, eventually.

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