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Go Me.

So I've now completely finished off the traffic school that's been hanging over my head for, oh, 15 months. I'd recommend the online schools. I think I put in maybe 5 hours' worth of effort, today.

It's not so much elating that I was one of the few to get 100% on the test, as depressing that so few did. These were not exactly the most difficult questions on the planet.

But whatever. It's not likely to have too much of an effect on my steady march to public transport-hood, but at least it's one more thing not hanging over my head. Woo.

I cancelled my usual trip to Alameda. I'm feeling kind of feverish, and generally not fit for public consumption - hence my skipping the alternate party 7 minutes south of here (Or an hour by bus).

I should try to get some sleep, but I'll probably do a movie instead.

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