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Corpses and Pirates, and Faires, Oh My!

Friday it was decided somewhere that Trudi, timenchanter and I would join Desirée and her adoptive father Bill for dinner at the Mexicali Grill.  I'm not sure Bill was too involved in the decision.  Trudi went off to move some stuff out of storage, and in typical fashion took waaay too long, so Timmie and I headed off to the restaurant.  Poor Bill.  There's nothing quite like having the friends of your adoptive daughter's mother show up to have dinner with you sans mother.  He seemed to relax a bit when Trudi showed up, which is an almost unique occurrence.

After dinner, and some misunderstandings about transport, we all made it to the Great Mall to watch Corpse Bride.  A fun movie.  It was certainly no Nightmare Before Christmas, which is going to be unfortunate for it - people will compare it to the other forever.  If the movies had come out in the opposite order, Corpse Bride would probably be considered a classic.  As it is, it'll be a disappointment.  Ah well.

Saturday, Trudi and I went to Northern Faire.  Eventually.  First of all, Bridget had apparently locked her keys in her car or something, and needed to get to her apartment to get her spare key.  Then, of course, we had a leisurely lunch.  Then Trudi's mother was going to start shampooing the carpet, so could Trudi move the stuff in the foyer (See Friday)?  Trudi, in a fit of brilliance, decided to go get more stuff from storage before moving what was already out (I needed to take a shower, which apparently was expected to take 3 hours).  If I understand properly, she didn't even get to move the stuff in the foyer, because Dez called from the Faire, wondering where we were.

In any case, we didn't drive off until about 3:00, and got to the Faire at 4:00, two hours before closing.  We had fun anyway.  Dez was in a pirate costume, which wasn't quite appropriate, but much fun.  I got myself most of the stuff I'd been needing to buy, and (ahem) a little more besides...

We got separated a couple of times.  At one point, I ran into Aurellia and Veronica (Story of my life - and far from a bad one) dancing around a pole and getting quite dizzy while their men looked on.  I managed to sneak a lift of Veronica in (The score's back on my side), and talk for a bit.  They're always fun, and strangely omnipresent.

We had a lot of fun flirting with the people running a tamale stand right by the privies (Quite the appropriate location for tamales).  The girl was extremely attractive and a lot of fun, and, given the pecks on the cheek I was getting, thought I was quite the charming old man.

We deposited Dez back home, had a nice dinner at Red Lobster, and, well, slept.  I'm now about to get up for the day.  The theory is that we're going back down to the Faire for another day with Dez.  That depends in part on Dez - if she's not going, we may do Folsom instead (I had to point out to Trudi that Bill would not appreciate us taking his not-quite-18 daughter to Folsom).  If anyone wants to come along, they're more than welcome - I should know exactly what we're doing by 11:00.

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