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Rich Crusty Flakiness

Yesterday was spent mostly sleeping.  I managed maybe 3 hours of work from home.  The rest was, well, rest.  Whether I liked it or not...

I actually got up, walked over, and fell on the bed at one point.  My bed is a mattress on the floor - I bounced.

Around 5ish, I finally got myself cleaned up, and went out in search of the food I hadn't had yet.  I treated myself to Red Lobster, which turned out to actually be a treat this time.  I'm pretty sure I was lucky - I had the "New Orleans" salmon and shrimp, and for a change the fish wasn't overcooked and dry, and the shrimp didn't taste old.  I was quite pleasantly surprised.  My dinner companion, Mr. Gaiman, was fun and interesting, as he always is.

The show was, again, slow last night.  Well, slow-ish - the rotation was about an hour long.  But we had fun.  For one thing, cekyr0 and jeffercine were there, which is enough to make any night into a party.  bluize was her usual grumpy "I hate everything I sing" self.  dancin_whitey was bartending again, so I got to have another of his Nutty Russians.  Yummy.

supersniffles showed up at her usual point, sang a couple of songs, and then she, I, and kozmic_tar had dinner at Denny's, which is always a good time.  I got home and got myself ready for bed around 4:00.  And Trudi messaged, wondering if she could come over and use my computer.  Since that was OK, could I pick her up?  After some grumbling, I went and got her.

So I've had some sleep.  A large part of it seemed to consist of dreams in which no-one could talk because Trudi was in a corner of the dream complaining loudly to someone on a cell phone.

Sigh.  She's obviously getting to feel a little too comfortable.  I got a nag session in which I should let her use the DVD/TV combo I've been letting Mena use, because "Mena would just destroy it".  I at least called her on it.  I also made her get a different ride to all her various tasks she's doing today, so I have the potential of getting some work done.  In other minor feats of backbone, I didn't buy her breakfast.

She also worked in a whole bit about not feeling comfortable around Tony (The guy she left me for without ever telling me) in part because she didn't like the whole "sex before marriage" thing.  Funny that.  I haven't yet even attempted to initiate anything with her, but it keeps happening.

I'm now spending all weekend with her.  Granted, I'll probably enjoy it.  We're seeing Corpse Bride with timenchanter, Alex and Jefferson tonight.  Tomorrow we're off to Northern Faire, apparently on our own.  And Sunday night the same motley crew will be sitting in a row watching Aïda.  I haven't decided yet on Folsom Fair - I'm going to be pretty tired.

I should probably see about getting some work done..

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