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After work Tuesday, I came home for the latest house meeting.  That was amusing - especially since, in the capacity of "landlord who never leaves his room", I wasn't too terribly involved.  Everyone promised to be cleaner.  They're apparently going to rotate cleaning jobs.  We'll see.

Went out to Chevy's with timenchanter.  Came home.  Slept.

I was going to get some work done Wednesday.  Then, of course, Trudi happened.  We went to lunch, we walked through Oakridge, we bought some books (I have the new Neil Gaiman!  Squee!), we came back, we talked, I took her to school - and that somehow took up the whole damn day.  I was supposed to pick up Timmie at 5:00, and didn't get to him at City Hall until almost 7:00.

Not all Trudi's fault.  I got tapped to drive Gretchen home again too.  OK, it's not all Trudi's fault 'cause it's all my fault.  Lay blame where it should lay...

We got up to Stuart&Frida's just as the appetizers were being finished.  They already had four guests, which is slightly higher than usual.  Good people, though.  We had fun, as always, and Frida's food was excellent, as always.

There was a certain level of fireworks when Frida realized I was back to dating Trudi.  Can't say I blame her.  She's now planning to take some pictures and put me on a dating site, which I happen to think is pretty ludicrous.  Not the dating site idea per se - just the busybody matchmaker putting in her own version of things.  I'm having slight Harold&Maude flashbacks...

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