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Just Great

I just got my umpteenth speeding ticket. I would not at all be surprised that I'm about to lose my license, as a matter of fact.

And this is bullshit. I caught myself doing 85 shortly after leaving the bar, and specifically started watching myself, to make sure I was under 75. I'd just checked my speedometer, noticed a car behind me swerving into my lane, rechecked, then saw the lights start to flash.

And I've got a ticket for 80. There were two officers, one obviously training the other. I think I just got screwed as part of a training exercise.

I don't quite get it. I have, I admit, been a speeder all my life. I haven't gotten appreciably faster. If anything, slightly slower. I used to hit 100 in the Taurus on a regular basis. And every couple of years I'd get a ticket. Now it seems to be every couple of months. I can't afford my insurance, I have my doubts about keeping my license, and I'm just fed up.

That's all.

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