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Hamptons and More

Once I actually pulled myself out of bed Saturday, it was past time to head to the Hamptons for Alex's birthday party.

The party was nice. As always, lots of cool people. And watching Alex jump when he got his PSP was just wonderful.

Hung out, munched, nodded out and cuddled on the couch with timenchanter and misswong77.

My first taste of Yukon Jack, as well. Quite yummy, though I made the mistake of exhaling through the nose - I think I singed my nosehairs.

I was supposed to pick up Trudi after class so she could hang out at the party for a couple of hours. I waited for her to call me, and apparently she waited for me to call her, so we never made contact. We had a nice phone conversation before she went to bed, at least.

Called bustymcboob to wish her a happy birthday, and passed the phone around the room.

Ended up passing out on one of the lounge chairs - from fatigue, not alcohol. I only had two drinks all evening. At about 4:00am I drove home and passed out in my own bed.

Now from that point, I should have gotten up around noon, done the work I was supposed to mail off Saturday, before meeting up with Trudi for dinner.

I of course decided to read the 4 years of archives for Sea of Insanity instead.

Spent a nice afternoon with Trudi, which of course made me late for the show.

Tonight's show has been, well, slow. dwo's voice gave out after only 5 songs, and I've got 4 people in the rotation right now. mr_seed and valeriesparks are having quite a lot of fun, at least. I'll be closing down shortly after I reach my maximum 12 rotations.

trivialt and kozmic_tar dropped by for a couple of songs, so I got to wish Stanley happy birthday again.

I've had my laptop set up, and have managed to do some of the work I need to do.

I'd finish more at home, except there's a Trudi waiting in my bed...

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