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A Coupla Days

Thursday's show was nice. Certainly not packed, though we had enough people to keep the place from looking empty pretty much up to closing.

timenchanter did most of the setup for me, and stayed through to the end. Given how drunk he got, he sort of had to. The next day, there was some confusion over how his pants ended up in Chris' room - no-one knows.

dwo spent a large fraction of the night, and the lovely hollyk guarded the door. Albert made an appearance - I hadn't seen him in some time.

We went through a total of 6 rotations before I closed down.

Timmie wanted to continue singing, so he did. A capella, at fairly loud volume, and mostly on key, though bits and pieces of lyrics seemed to run away from him. And "Solitaire" just doesn't sound right without the backgrounds...

Came home to find that one of the members of the group I'm working with had called a Friday afternoon meeting.

I actually made it into work before the meeting this time. There's nothing quite like sitting through a 2 hour planning meeting you have almost nothing to do with. I sat, took notes, tried to stay awake for the small portions that were relevant to me, and generally listened to the sound of my soul being sucked from my body.

It did indicate a change in direction for what I was doing, so I spent the next few hours reorganizing tests.

Then off to meet up with Trudi and Desirée (her daughter). I hadn't actually spent much time with Desirée for quite a while, so this was a treat. She's a really cool kid. I can't believe she's turning 18.

There had been a lot of stuff about her perhaps becoming lesbian, which Trudi and her mother (The conservative Christians) were all concerned about. After all, she now has a short haircut...

She showed up with her (As I understand it ex-) boyfriend Mike in tow. And a discreet rainbow bead necklace.

I took them out to Angelino's, which didn't let me down. Dez kept stealing the rice off my plate, and Trudi had to admit the rosemary chicken was excellent. A difficult thing for her, given some of her history with rosemary.

We walked through Santana Row to work off some of dinner, while I fielded one of the calls from the Clam Chowder Contingent across the street (The answer, Stan, is always "dark". Dark is the way and the life. Dark has flavor. Milk chocolate is only for those afraid to live life to the fullest).

At some point it was decided we should see a movie, which was odd, since it was already past Trudi's bedtime. We ended up seeing 2046. Strange, strange film. Trudi even saw most of it, I think in part because she couldn't find a good sleeping position in her seat.

We got Trudi back to her bed, then Desirée volunteered me to drive Mike home, which was apparently a source of confusion. As I took off with him, we noticed she was heading downtown, instead of towards home...

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