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Bits and Pieces

I got some work done Tuesday - I made it in for the staff meeting only 15 minutes late (dammit!), and was there pretty much the whole day.

Well, my body was. I kept falling asleep. Given the nature of the spec I was reading, I think I had some reason, but still - at the very least, it looks bad.

Got home, gathered up a few things - mostly a nicotine-deprived timenchanter on his last nerve - and headed up to my parents' place. My dad was changing computers, and wanted his stuff, and Word, on the new one.

So we got to sit through several hours of watching bars progress across screens. Wheee!

Around 10:30, most everything was done, and my dad wanted to go to bed, so we headed back down the hill.

Not, of course, before he made me promise to come up and repaint his deck.

Got some sleep, but woke up early to help Trudi out - her student bus pass has expired, and none of her paychecks have come in, so I drove her to work, and gave her busfare home.

"Driving her to work" somehow ended up including "Helping to move 3 bookcases and a table" at her mom's house. I need the exercise, I suppose.

I've made myself more-or-less useful for the time I've been at my job today, so I suppose I shouldn't feel too guilty about it. I think.

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