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Just Like the Old Days

I never made it to work today. This is OK - I got a fair amount done at home. However, the reason...

I was getting ready to head on up and install some code when Trudi asked if she could come over and use my computer. So, what the hell - I did some more work on the laptop while she used my desktop to do some financial aid paperwork and search for jobs.

A little background - she's living down the street with her cousin Julia, and Julia's son.

What I didn't know was that she was supposed to pick up Julia's son from school - and got so involved with the web stuff, that she made herself an hour late.

Julia was, I gather, not pleased. I got a call just as I was, again, heading out, from a panicked Trudi. She was in Sunnyvale, at Julia's work, and Julia was being a tad loud.

OK, she was apparently screaming at the top of her lungs.

So, I did my usual white knight bit, picked her up, drove her to her 6:00 class at Evergreen, hung around (Eating dinner) until she was through, then let her stay in my room rather than go back to Julia's.

So on the positive side, there should be someone cuddly in my bed when I get home. On the negative side, well, there's a question of trust and suspicion.

I didn't actually hear Julia being abusive. Trudi's talking about needing to move away, "possibly back to the shelter."

Hint hint.

It doesn't help that she apparently told Mena that she had her IUD removed - but hasn't mentioned a word of that to me...

Sigh. Ah well. The show tonight is going very nicely. Both cekyr0 and sugarbare are here on their birthday. misswong77 graced us with her presence and a song.

I just got a slip from a cute little rockabilly girl.

And we have a nice crowd going otherwise. Life is good, at least for the moment.

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