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Groping Out

Spent the day mostly playing with my new camera, and then going to Stiletto with timenchanter.  There were other things as well.  Went with Timmy to lunch at Cielito Lindo, and remembered why I don't eat there very often.  Had dinner (With Timmy, of course) at Fresh Choice (Extremely crowded of a Friday evening - who'd have thunk?).  Dropped by Tilly's, and ran into the excellent cekyr0.  Well, "ran into" - he does work there, after all, but for some reason I normally manage to pick the wrong shift when I'm hoping to see someone.

Went back to Timmy's so he could get prepared, played with the camera some more.  Got a nice head shot of him that I need to massage a little into what will hopefully become a replacement user picture for him (I'm sorry, Tim, but that one you're using - no, just... no (Says the guy with the creepy cat icon)).

Got to the bar.  There were two main reasons to go to the bar last night - unbreak_able was working, and hollyk had specifically asked me to come see her get shitfaced.  Unfortunately, moved too slow to get a picture of Debbie - twice.  I was also too involved enjoying the show when both Holly and sugarbare started flashing from the go-go boxes.  Holly was indeed drunk, and I got most of the way there.  Managed to get some nice talking time in with both Debbie and Carrie.

Then Timmy brought me home.  Sigh.  Damn this sexual orientation thing.  As it is, if and when we get SOs, we're going to need to get them simultaneously, so one of us doesn't go into withdrawals.

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