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This morning, around 8:30, my phone rang.  This is not what I knew at the time.  What I knew was that this irritating box by my head was making noise, and I wanted it to stop.

So I pressed a button.  And it stopped.  As I was congratulating myself on this success, misswong77's voice started issuing from the box, saying something about waking up timenchanter so he could show up in half an hour for hiking.

I told the voice I'd try to crawl over to his room.  She seemed to think this was amusing, which seemed odd, since it was the literal truth.  After she said goodbye, and the box went silent, I started considering the task - the largest part of which was acquiring clothes.

And feel asleep while doing so.

So hopefully everyone met up in the end.  I got a not incredibly happy voicemail from Timmie, so there may have been a few rough points.

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