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Last night was phenomenal.  We had a very large crowd, and a very engaged one - lots and lots of cheering.

cekyr0 and jeffercine came out, which always makes a night.  valeriesparks spent several hours, so both the levels of fun and  beauty in the room were pushed up a few notches for a while.  Alicia looks like she'll be becoming a fixture, which would be fine by me.  We had several new people - Rob and Tiffany, for one.  Rob's a very good singer, and Tiffany's simply amazing.

Also a really nice guy named Wayne, who sings more of the oldies.  He's originally from Lousiana, and so was singing roughly "appropriate" songs.

timenchanter was off visiting his brother, but I kept pestering him with stuff he was missing until he showed up - around midnight.  With food.

Aaaaand Lana showed up.  Lana's hard to describe.  She's a lot better singer than she used to be, which means she's now just pretty bad.  I don't know.  I've got a lot of history with Lana at other shows, and I probably shouldn't talk about it too much, especially since she apparently hasn't been drinking for quite a few years.

I closed down around 1:50, and then hung around with bluize, Timmie, and Alicia for a while and shot the breeze.  Didn't make it home until 3:00, I believe.

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