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Back On The Air

I spend the morning talking with Frida, catching up on things, talking at length about her favorite subject - sex, then rushed down here to try to catch the SBC guy.

He fiddled with things, ran some diagnostics, was unable to get a signal through, then hung on hold to the mother company for about 40 minutes.

He was apparently a house technician, and needed a street cabling tech to come out and find out what was wrong further down the pipe. That guy was supposed to show up tomorrow by 6:00.

Shortly after he left, I started getting a response on my firewall, though it took until I thought to reboot the firewall before the rest of the house network came up (D'Oh!).

I have no idea if they fixed something remarkably rapidly, or if the SBC guy removed enough grunge from the contacts to get a signal through, but either way, it works now.

Yay! I can feed my addictions at high speed again!

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