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Last night was really nice - went to supersniffle's place, where she barbequed for everyone (Me, timenchanter, and justnate).

We were going to watch season 1 of the Muppet Show, but instead I helped her install new curtain rods, and we went through her Scotland pictures.

Beautiful, beautiful countryside.

Got home about 1:00 to find the DSL not working. Thought it might be the bill (I'm a little late), but apparently not. I confused a technician today as we walked through the problem.

Made me feel a lot better about being confused by it last night.

I also decided to go through my bills - it's been too long. Which means I've now seen my new car insurance payment.

Bastards raised my yearly rate to near $10,000. They want me to pay them enough to buy a brand-new car outright every 2 years.

So I need to talk to them, possibly get different insurance.

I'm in no condition to go in to work, so I told them I'd work from home today. At least I can dial in using my phone...

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