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Not All Here

Yesterday obviously has had a lot of effect on me - I've been going through the day only partially here.

More than usual, that is.

timenchanter finally provided the impetus to get up - he was hungry, and needed to get a new charger for his phone.

So I cleaned up - at the early hour of 3:00 - and headed out. This was good, because I needed to get to my parents and move my dad's computer downstairs.

Timmie and I managed that pretty rapidly. We had to leave for the bar right then, but my dad was able to make me promise to be back for a "long talk" soon. Sigh. I'm sure it's instructions for when he dies. My dad's in ill health, but he's also a bit of a drama queen...

I then kidnapped Timmie off to KoC. I think I just wanted a sane friend around.

Besides, we actually haven't seen all that much of each other lately, and he needed some rescuing from the whole Chris set of dramas.

So now I'm in the middle of the Sunday show. It's slow, as usual, but very nice. Effie's back from Europe, valeriesparks was in for a while, Kendall's here, Steven's here, Rachel's here...

Definitely worth it.

Of course I've got a continuing set of text conversations with Trudi...

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