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An interesting pair of days...

I was going to work late Friday, and try to make up some time, but misswong77 happened to mention that we were missing a Clam Chowder Friday.  She was too tired to drive, so I picked her up and headed to Valley Fair, after asking timenchanter to meet us there.

Tired or not, the three of us gabbed until nearly 11:00.  A truly pleasant evening.

Saturday, Trudi, of all people, mentioned she had a pair of Bonfante Gardens tickets, and asked me to go.  So that's what I did for the day.  We had a nice lunch, went to the park, wandered through the gardens, rode several rides, paddle boated the length of the lake, bought a couple of hats (I stupidly left the one I had come with on while riding a roller coaster), came back, hung out in my room for a while, had dinner, walked through the neighborhood...

Stuff.  Lots of stuff.  And all of it pleasant.  I had a blast, which scares me.

By the way, I'd recommend Bonfante Gardens.  It's mostly aimed at families with pre-teens, but it also has a lot of very nice horticulture.  There are many pleasant, quiet areas with chairs and tables.  I'm tempted to get a season pass, and just go hang out with a book every weekend.  It has some good rides too, though none of the brown pants type that Great America offers.  But then, that's why I avoid Great America.

I almost had Trudi spend the night, and she almost suggested it, and I'm feeling lucky it didn't happen.

It's - well, she's going through a "sane" phase right now, is off drugs and alcohol, mostly working hard, and has enough brain cells functioning to make decent conversation.  I enjoy her a lot in this mode.  She can still be a pain in the ass in her own way, but mostly she's fairly low-key and well, just fun to be around.

The problem is that it doesn't last.  It could go on for months - maybe even close to a year - but someday one of the more unsavory personalities will pop out, and she'll be drinking, drugging, and giving random blow-jobs.

Getting re-attached would not do me any good.

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