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The show last night was an OK show for a Sunday. Too bad it was a Thursday.

Don't get me wrong: We all had a good time, a few new faces showed up, and the energy level was reasonably high.

There just weren't a lot of us.

Joaquin showed up for an hour or so, which was a shock. supersniffles showed up at her usual time, which wasn't a shock, per se, but hadn't happened in quite a while. dancin_whitey showed up for a few hours, which was only a shock because I'd thought he'd taken the same plane as the others...

Kristin tried a couple more songs. Hopefully she'll keep that up - she has a nice voice.

They were sort of clamoring for an additional song at the end of the night, so I threw on Bohemian Rhapsody and let them play with it while I put stuff away.

It was... I've, uh... You see...

OK, it was possibly the single most awful rendition of that song I've ever heard. But they had fun.

I of course stayed up til all hours after that, including checking through the job req I'm hopelessly unqualified for that timenchanter left taped to my door. [Edit]: Timmie disclaims all responsibility, and thinks it was Trudi. Which makes me wonder what she might have been doing in the house...

And now I'm back at work, attempting to stay awake. I released a suite of tests for general use, so I guess I'm sorta productive...

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