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So I did sound for another drag show last night.

They're definitely getting better, not the least in selection of songs.  Most of the old IRLM shows depended on a list of 50s ballads as long as your arm, and staying awake after the third one was a chore.  This one was pretty cool, including Legend of a Cow Girl (I haven't heard that for far too long) and a rather amazing desert dance remix of Walk Like an Egyptian.

They did Sweet Transvestite and Toucha Toucha Touch Me back to back, while kproche and I dorked out at the booth and sang the lyrics at each other.

The apex of the night was chargerboy getting stripped.  It was funny because, while he knew it was going to happen, he didn't know how.  He also didn't know one of the cast members is a professional dominatrix, who brought out several of her toys...

The funniest part of that sequence was watching the cast.  They were all crowded at the edge of the curtain, watching Gabe in the mirror on the front of the DJ booth.

dancin_whitey, as usual, took over the DJ booth after the show, and kept everyone dancing until close.  He was quite proud to have managed it without a single 80s song...

All in all, a fun night.  It would have been even better if unbreak_able hadn't been in pain...

I slept on and off through the night, for some reason.  At this point, I'm trying to get myself conscious enough to go up to my parent's place with timenchanter and move that (expletive deleted) furniture downstairs.  Timmie is, of course, not letting me be grumpy.  Bastard even made me tea...

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