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Not that that's news.  Not a huge amount happened today, because the most I did was excessive posts on LJ.

Slept most of the day, apart from tending my video downloads (I now have most of the first season of Freakazoid - woo!).  Got up and ready late enough for Frida to decide I might as well not show up, so grabbed some Arby's and headed to timenchanter's, where he was doing the after-dinner thing with gidget121972.  By that point he was pretty out of it - the antibiotics are only doing so much...

Still, hung out and talked until Kristine had to go - gave her a ride back to her car.  Picked up some hot chocolate and poured it into Timmy.  We both surfed for a while, then he went to bed.

Home, parked on a back street (The signs went up yesterday because they reference today),  and up to my lair, where I've done yet more video viewing and downloading.

All in all, an extremely exciting day.  Oh yes.

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