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I Hate It When I Get Like This

I was hoping to get at least something done today. I woke up at 10-something, which means I finally got a halfway decent amount of sleep, but I have had no motivation to do anything useful whatsoever.

I've just been sitting here, surfing and playing Snood. Any attempt to get away from that finds me back here, surfing and playing Snood.

Sigh. I was hoping to make it up to the fair - for one thing, one of my favorite leatherworkers is there, and I need to do something about my phone situation. Scratch that - it's too late.

I have a book to read for the present job. I've actually managed to make it through a fraction of the introduction - when I realized my eyes weren't focussing on the page. I have a schematic to adjust. Nyet.

Heck, I haven't even taken a shower yet today.

I'm trying to avoid hating myself for getting like this, because it only maintains the cycle. Still, it's just generally miserable.

Think I'll play another game.

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