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Making It Through

It's really fortunate that this job is almost walking distance from the bar. I left here at 7:15 last night, grabbed some food, and started setting up.

Of course, last night was the deadest night I've had in a looong time. We did make it up to 8 singers at one point, which wouldn't have been so bad if they hadn't been pretty much all the people in the bar.

But I had my usual fun aggravating people. They seemed to have their usual fun calling me colorful names.

Still, I closed at 12:30 and headed home. The only people this seriously impacted were Emily and her girlfriend. Everyone else seemed ready to go.

Slept, got up, got to my 10:30 meeting only 5 minutes late, had a nice lunch with Stuart (no-one else in the group was interested in going out).

And I'm back to working my way through another 24oz Rockstar, which is again having no appreciable effect.

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