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Quiet Revelry

Sunday at the beach was quite low-key. I think we were just worn out. Some walks on the beach, some playing in the sand, a lot of generic movie-watching.

Even so, James got a noise complaint from the same neighbor. Apparently we were breathing too loud.

I shook as much sand off as I could, then headed back home for the show.

Definitely an odd show. More of a big party than usual, which was nice. Not a huge number of people, but lots of cheering, impromptu dancing, and just general cheerfulness - moreso than usual.

For the longest time the only people in the bar were myself, Maggie, and bluize, so I started doing major suicide (Pulling discs at random until a song looked likely). Several others joined in that, which kept me busy.

At the busiest, we had about 16 singers, so people got to sing. timenchanter came in around 11:30 to relieve me, but I managed to put him off...

electrichobbit's heading back to the east coast, so we won't be seeing him for a while. I'll miss that, since Mark is always a cheerful, calming presence.

Finished up, headed home, collapsed in a heap. And now I'm making it through another workday.

I bought 2 24-oz Rockstars this morning. They're not having much of an appreciable effect...

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