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Most of yesterday was pretty low-key. Went to the strawberry festival which was, well, quaint.

Most of the group wanted to watch horror films, so I spent most of the afternoon outside. This was cool, since it meant long walks on the beach. Nothing like a long walk on the beach to make you go all introspective and shit.

k_magic showed up in the evening, valeriesparks showed up at 10:00, and then James started up the bonfire around 11:00. At that point the party really got going.

It's also where my memory of the party gets a little blurry. There was a certain amount of nakedness, and a lot of scaring hollyk, who was convinced Jeepers Creepers was about to show up...

I think it was about 2:00 when we got back to the condo, and had things come to an abrupt end because of a noise complaint. Not that we were being all that loud.

So we all went to bed.

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