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Lust on the Beach

Found some groceries (I'm supposed to do tomorrow's breakfast), some booze, and headed down to Watsonville.

I managed to find my way to the beach house through the fog, settled my stuff in, and started trying to catch up with everyone's drinking.

That was a lost cause.

Still, had fun sitting on the beach with unbreak_able, Valerie, wavewarrior, and (sigh) Steve. Steve was more than a little out of control, and I've now seen far more of him than I ever wanted.

Still, watching him molest Debbie (As she kept her bloody mary completely stable) was quite entertaining. She unfortunately remained fully clothed.

Still, the quote of the night was "I've got sand in my pussy!"

So now, after a night camped on the floor, everyone is fucking getting up. Don't they know it's morning?

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