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Stupors Can Be Fun!

Despite having had the opportunity to sleep - and taken it - I was not particularly awake for most of yesterday.  It finally occurred to me that I'm effectively suffering jet lag, just without the jet.

That and reading manuals all day is amazingly boring.

Headed up to Alameda around 5:00, and discovered that the amount of time it takes at rush hour is about the same from Mountain View as from home in San Jose.  Go figure.  So I was stuck in traffic for an hour and a half.

Fortunately, unbreak_able had given me a copy of the Dirty Rotten Scoundrels soundtrack, and I listened to that on the way up (Thank you Debbie!).  I'd have also ripped the copy of Spamalot she gave me, but so far FreeDb thinks that's The Lion King, so I've got to dig up the actual track info and enter it by hand...

Stuart&Frida had a couple of friends over - Bob, an old friend of Stuart's, and "Mary from the dog park", who's always a lot of fun.  It was kind of entertaining because we all were out of it for various reasons, chemical and otherwise.  Bob makes a mean martini.

I managed to scald my hand slightly - I was trying to sit down outside with a cup of tea at my favorite temperature (Surface of the sun), when both Lucy and Xena decided to start jostling my arm, and sloshed it all over my hand.  My only regret from dropping the cup is that I didn't drop it on Lucy.  Hurt like a motherfucker, but there appears to be no long term damage.

Managed to spill part of my martini, too.  Definitely a clumsy evening for me.  Mild case of foot in mouth, too, though I managed to not be alone in that.

Around about 10:00, Stuart and I both insisted we needed to sleep now, and went off to bed.  There's power in numbers.

Now if I can only manage to get back to sleep...

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