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I'm just not used to this anymore.

I ended the show around 1:15, packed, headed home, collapsed.

Up 5 hours later and off to the job.  To start the day with a 2 hour meeting.  About what I'm supposed to be doing.

At least it was more productive than most meetings I've been in.  I actually learned more about what I'm supposed to be doing, which beats most meetings of that type I've been in.

Then an afternoon of studying manuals.  And desperately trying to stay awake.  I think I need to invest in a case of Rockstar.

What's disturbing is how creeped out I became at one point.  It's a nice company, as they go.  But...

My cubicle mate, Mike, is an old friend, and a member of a Ren guild I belonged to for a bit - St. Sebastian's.  Their specialty is archery, and they give demos at small fairs.

In fact, they'll be on part of a segment of Mythbusters tomorrow.  We were talking about the subject, when he said something about "Oh, we shouldn't be talking about this", and showed me the employee manual.  The discussion was an edge thing (Discussions about weapons must be "threatening"), but he absolutely can't bring his bow in on days he's heading off to the range after work.

In fact, he can't even leave it in the car, because they reserve the right to search employee's cars for contraband.  If he's got his bow with him, he needs to find some place off campus to park.

I just find that disturbing.  Modern life in America...

Ah well, I must get some sleep.  Now.

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