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Further Upheavals

I managed a couple of hours' sleep Sunday before timenchanter called me to help move. First order of business: Get a truck.

A word of advice: If you're moving on a Sunday that's the last day of the month, reserve your truck several days in advance. We had no luck at all, and just borrowed jeffercine's truck after several wasted hours.

Which is a fine truck, but can't carry the larger of Timmie's furniture.

I managed to help load&unload one truckful, then started to fade. I gave up and slept for a couple of hours while Timmie and Chris worked on the rest of the movable stuff.

Then the Sunday show, which turned out pretty well. Much like tonight's show, it started out slow, then people started trickling in. We ended up pretty busy - for a Sunday.

Then a few hours of sleep, and off to my first day of consulting.

It's a nice company, and I'm working for a man I've worked for in the past. I'm also sitting in a cube with a guy I helped hire at two different companies. Odd.

I spent the day meeting people, reading specs, and trying desperately to stay awake.

It was odd the things that were no longer natural - like working the interlock on the hot water dispenser.

Left there around 7:00, grabbed some food, then headed to the show. I was set up by 8:05, but didn't really have enough people until after 8:30.

But that remedied itself. It's been reasonably busy all night.

supersniffles and firestrike just said goodbye before going home to prepare for their trip to Scotland tomorrow.

Anyway, gotta finish off the night and head home. I'm gonna need as much sleep as I can manage...

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