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timenchanter's room is painted - I finished up the last bits of trim a few hours ago.  The flooring, well...

I'd been sorta concerned about the trim sold with the flooring I was looking at.  Mainly because it looks like crap.  I admit it, I'm a snob:  I don't like items masquerading as something else.  Especially wood grain.  But this stuff looks like a 3-year-old's attempt to simulate oak with a magic marker.  That was problem number one.  Problem number two was that for some reason, I thought the flooring itself was wood veneer - and no, it's just very, very good plastic.

Looking at both factors, well, Timmie's going to have to deal with the carpet that's now been used as a drop-cloth for his room while I regroup.  I spent a lot of time Friday night looking for flooring on the net, and may have found something - but I'll need to talk to someone on Monday, during my copious free time I'll have at the new job.

Apart from the previously mentioned ton-of-fun with trim painting Saturday (Painting semi-gloss on smooth surfaces is so much fun), the day was devoted to my dad's birthday party.  He'd turned 84 the previous Monday.

This had several forms of irritation attached to it, of which a major one was that I was instructed specifically to not bring Timmie, because he might be vocally gay and disturb their guests.  I've previously ranted about my feelings on this.  Of course, I need to be vocal to them about it.  Or just keep picking at them in my passive-aggressive fashion - it's become fairly obvious that they're disturbed by the subject, but have to be proper liberals about it.  So the looks on their faces when I list new countries that have legalized gay marriage is quite precious.

I'd been thinking of boycotting the party, but then, it's my dad's 84th birthday.  He's not going to be around too much longer, and I'm not going to cut him out of my life because I think he's being an asshole.

Which moves on to the rest of the party.  It was one of my parent's biggish get-togethers, which meant about 20 people wandering about the dome and eating samosas.  Fairly fun - they have a lot of interesting friends.

But then - OK, this is going to be long, and hard to visualize, and is the main reason I put this behind a cut.  If I drew better, I'd put in a diagram.

The players:

Sean and (I think) Parvi are the visitors from India that have been staying up there for the past week, and are the reason for excluding any gayness.  Sean apparently convinced Penguin's Indian division to publish my dad's first fiction piece.  They were packing up to head out to see Yosemite with...

Connie.  An acquaintance of theirs that had come down from Fremont to pick them up.  She had the audacity to bring her poodles with her.  My father has apparently developed a hatred for dogs, so she was forced to stay away from the house.

Carol, and her nephew Paul.  She's an old friend of the family, and he was visiting her for a few days - in fact he's flying back today.  She wanted to leave the party early, and show him the coast before sunset.

Arjun is one of my parent's virtual grandkids (Now about 16).  He and Wade (About 10, the son of Pele and Dave, who don't get into this story) were hanging out with Connie and the dogs.

The location:

My parent's dome is on a ridge, approached by a long, steep curving driveway.  There's a parking area in front of the dome, and a continuation of the driveway that circles the dome to another parking area in the back.  All roads are one lane.

Most of the guests had parked in the front - and filled it.  Carol arrived late, and parked a short way up the road to the back.  Connie arrived later, and parked in the only available spot - directly behind Carol.

So Carol wanted to leave.  But Connie was off somewhere with the dogs.  Carol was acting like she was about to have a panic attack, so I set off down the driveway to find Connie.

Connie was just around the first bend with the dogs, Arjun, and Wade.  I asked her to move her car, and she started the march back up the hill with me.  As we headed up, Carol stood on the deck, looking incredibly anxious.

Connie left her dogs up the side road with Arjun and Wade, and under my direction pulled back, then parked in the middle of the front parking area - where she was immediately told by someone else that she was blocking them.  Carol, meanwhile, calmed down, and headed back into the house.  Apparently things were no longer as urgent, because she stayed in there for quite a while, as Connie got more and more anxious about her situation.  Finally Paul moseyed on out, and got in Carol's car (Part of his vacation has apparently been driving it - it's a convertible BMW Z3).  He needed to get his car turned around, so I told him to drive forward, turn around in the back lot, then come back out.

Except now Arjun, Wade, and the dogs were in his way, and for some reason wouldn't move.  Comments like "Get out of the road" were met with answers like "OK".  And no movement.  I finally marched up there, picked up the older dog, and led the way off the road.

As Paul started up, someone from the deck yelled something about grabbing a phone in the roadway, which was done - I'm grateful, it was mine.  Apparently I knocked it off grabbing the damn dog.

Paul turned around, Connie, nervous enough now that she almost went off the side, managed to get on the side road, and all was supposedly well.

A while after this, Connie drove up to the back, and picked up Sean and Parvi's stuff, then drove off.  Later in the evening I drove my car home from the back.

Why am I going on about this?  Well, first of all, 'cause it irritated the shit out of me.  All these people, and nothing approaching a full brain between them.

But also because the SD card is missing from my phone.  I mean, I'm happy I've got the phone, and that it's working.  That was problematic at one point.  But all my email - including a great deal about the job that starts tomorrow - was on that SD card.  It almost certainly popped out when my phone fell - or soon after.  Which means it's probably been on a roadway that's been driven over 4 times.

Or nearby.  So if it isn't crushed, I simply need to worry about finding a piece of plastic the size of a postage stamp in the woods.

And none of this would have happened if a teenager had had the slightest concept of getting out of the path of an oncoming car.

So I haven't slept much over this whole card thing, which is bad on several fronts.  One, it's waaaay too much concern over a piece of plastic.  Two, Timmie's moving in today, and will need a lot of help.  Three, given the job starting tomorrow, I won't been getting much sleep until Tuesday night.  I can't afford to be tired now.

But the sun is coming up, and I'm heading back up the hill to look for the damn thing.

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