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I got timenchanter's ceiling finished off yesterday, which took a good fraction of the day.  It's amazing how long painting can take when you're climbing up and down ladders all the time...

I also got all the contract stuff hammered out with the consulting job - I start Monday.  Woo!  Money!

I jumped in the shower about the same time Timmie and Chris headed over, and got out just as they were starting.  Helped a (tiny) bit with taping, then headed off to the show.

Got another small check from Paula - with a request to delay until Monday to deposit it.  Sigh.

It was quite busy last night.  Also the rotation got a bit unfortunate - well, unfortunate if you weren't one of the first 16 people.  There was a slight gap after the last of those, so I started a new rotation.  Then the crowd - and the songs - started pouring in.  This meant the wait started at an hour, and rapidly escalated to two.

What's remarkable is how many people didn't leave.  I only lost about 4 singers out of that.  There were a couple of times I thought someone had taken off, but they showed up eventually.

Of course, towards 12:30 things started to thin out, and several people got another song in - as usual.

Closed down, and ended up volunteered/volunteering to take electrichobbit, cekyr0, and Heather home.  This took a little bit of maneuvering, but nothing amazing.

Then home, and unconsciousness.  Now I need to research and buy flooring.  Woo!

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