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December 2020
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Bruce [userpic]

Definitely an easy day, mostly spent with timenchanter, as the majority have been.  It is a damn shame I'm not gay.

Got up early (11:30) to head out to lunch in Japantown, then home to sleep some more, then off to Cheesecake Factory for dinner, then off to KoC to see the group while Timmy napped, especially, of course, unbreak_able, but not to diss dancin_whitey (Spinning excellently as usual), James, Eddie, nikari, and wavewarrior.  Hung out until around 10:00, then off to Splash.

I expected to see Debbie, but was quite amused to see Kyle.  Apple & Valerie were there, as well as La Jentra & her entourage.

Actually sang two songs this time.

Hung out until closing because, well, Timmy was feeling depressed and Timmy drinks when he's feeling depressed.  So we then went and had supper at Carrows, where he ordered our tickets for Rent (Yay!).  Dropped him off at his car, and thence home.

At some point here, I need to block out some working time.

Mood: tiredtired

AHA! I found your journal *grins* Welcome to the fold, sir. *hugs*

Oh no! My dirty little secret is discovered! Well, one of them...

Hi Mikey! HUGS!!!