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No Energy

I guess today was the "recovery from BBQ" day. Mostly probably the time in the sun.

I think I may have a mild allergy to that damn shiny thing.

Whatever the reason, while I got 10 or so hours of sleep, all I could do was lie and stare at the walls.

Fortunately timenchanter wanted to do a Costco run (He doesn't have a membership). The actually got me out of the house by 3:00 or so. Got some food in the system and started to revive a bit.

After that exciting adventure, headed off to Lowe's in Fremont, to track down an apparently false rumor of a flooring sale.

From there I actually managed to get lost on southbound 880 trying to find the 237. Don't ask.

I found a place to eat, and had some dinner while figuring out how to get back on the freeway.

From there to the bar, where the show has been surprisingly good. Low-key, but good. The first round was 11, and the second 16. It's still at least 8.

Of course, any show where unbreak_able is bartending, and valeriesparks is singing, can't be all bad...

Natalie's group just came in, so back to work...

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