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Brown's Mound

After the drag show, I had a great time sitting and talking with unbreak_able outside the club, then headed home and played with the new toy until around 7:00am.

True brilliance.  I needed to be up at 11:00.

At which time I moaned, groaned, cursed at the world, then got myself more-or-less together and headed off with timenchanter to Aromas to the 27th annual Brown's Mound event.  It appears to be Brown's Mound because the owners of the land are named Brown, and, well, it's quite a hill.  In fact, quite a complex on quite a hill.

Also quite a party.  Several hundred people were there.   I'd been invited by Kaye to hang out and help with sound for the band.  The lead singer and songwriter's name is Mick Brown which, for some reason, I think is not quite a coincidence.

So I did my best.  It's quite a jump from dealing with 3 sliders to 13.  Not to mention details like not really going through a sound check, so not being able to initially adjust each channel, a soloing system that only gives pre-fader levels to the headphones (Which don't block out the band right in front of you very well, anyway), and the fact that I was sitting next to the band, where all I could hear was the monitor speakers - I had to keep ducking out a door and walking onto a lawn to find out what the audience was hearing.  I had a blast.

This was technically a garage band - a 3-car garage band playing to an audience of around 100, but a garage band nevertheless:

And it's always fun to see Kaye rock out:

That, and some damn good food, and hanging out with twitchet and her beau (Whose name I keep missing), kept us busy until around 8:00, at which point we headed back up to civilization and the joys of south San Jose temperatures.

At which point I collapsed on my bed, and have just now gotten up.  Joy!

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