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Rednecks & Trannies, Oh My

It's been an interesting time.

The show last night was generally good - the rotation stayed largish, but not unmanageable.

The main problem was this guy named Andy, some large drunk who was apparently staying at the hotel next door.

His insistence on singing nearly constantly was bad enough, but the fact that his idea of "friendly banter" was loud enough to drown out other people trying to sing was extremely aggravating.

I think we managed to have a good time regardless.

Afterward, went to Denny's with quite a crowd - timenchanter, supersniffles, Steven, Kendall, and h2ocrazyguy, and then Cindi was nice enough to give me a lot of boxes for the Trudi project.

Today was party day. I went to the unbreak_able/misswong77 memorial Friday clam chowder lunch, hung out a bit with Debbie and Eddie, then hurried off to Alicia's birthday surprise party. It was at an interesting yuppie place called Nola's in Palo Alto. I'll probably want to do that again.

Actually got to talk to her for a bit, which is rare.

From there, I had to excuse myself to go to the bar and handle sound for yet another drag queen extravaganza, which has just ended.

It was better than usual, apart from scrambling trying to find music for someone whose music had been left in someone's car.

Well, and picking the wrong mic to turn on at one point.

But it's over, and I can relax - until I work the sound for Kaye's band tomorrow afternoon.

I don't know what the hell retired people with "nothing to do" are talking about.

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