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Yesterday was another Stuart&Frida day. Showed up, helped amuse the dogs at the dog park, had a nice dinner (Shrimp Pad Thai), and watched a good movie - "Million Dollar Baby", this time. Sad, but definitely worth it.

Hung out and amused myself on the net until around 4:40, then headed home.

To find myself in a rain shower. With lightning. In July. WTF?

So that's been my attitude the whole day, as it's showered off and on. I got some sleep, but not a huge amount. I've completed the transfer over to the new phone, I just haven't completely gotten it working yet. Well, at least not all the details...

I was trying to figure out why the new headset wasn't charging properly, and decided to try the car charger. In my, um, "abstracted" state, I stepped out of the car and left the keys inside, despite some rather insistent beeping.

I then discovered that keeping the remote separate doesn't help much if the key in the ignition disables all remote functions. So I got timenchanter to leave work early, given he's got my spare key.

He's busy checking out the phone. Well, at least the Bejeweled aspects of the phone.

I'm feeling a little bad about Trudi's stuff being out in the rain, but, well, she's done the same to other people.

On a separate and extremely positive note, it looks like I'll have a consulting job with Impac in August and September. That should help stave off disaster for a bit longer.

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