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Inching Forward

So.  jeffercine's truck has been successfully repaired and returned.

More of Trudi's room has been put in the back yard.  Most of what's been slowing us down is the giant drift of books in the closet - Ira's boxes were mostly of the "enormous" variety, which doesn't work well with books.  Still, timenchanter and I managed to put more of a dent in things.  He thinks he can snag some banker's boxes for the rest of the job.

I've been setting up my new toy, which I really shouldn't have purchased - I found a good deal on a non-branded Treo 650 back in June, and have been accumulating all the necessary accoutrements since then.  I now have them all, so I've been doing setup and studying manuals.

Yes, I'm the type that reads manuals.  And this one is 208 pages long.  I'm on page 88.

The irritating bit is that I've got more than enough other things to worry about.

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