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Maybe I'll Get The Stone To The Top This Time

Last night ended pretty well.  The only downside (As mentioned in the comments on my last post) was a guy named Robert, who was celebrating his birthday.  He mostly seems like an OK guy, but last night he was very drunk, and seemed to want to match his shirt - which said JACKASS.

He kept on bugging valeriesparks.  This was disturbing.  I mean, it's OK if I do it, but this guy...

Went to Denny's with timenchanter afterwards, then followed him home.  He wasn't drunk, but he was extremely tired, which is worse in many ways.

Not too surprisingly, this morning he wasn't able to pick up Mena, and since I have the truck, I wasn't able to take both her and Mellie, so her friend Gretchen is watching the baby today at my house.

I was supposed to get the jeffercine's truck repaired today, but Safelite won't do it - they refuse to fix a back window if you have a camper shell.  So I now have an appointment with Fairgrounds Collision Center to get it fixed tomorrow morning (Same price).  This is the place that fixed Timmie's front end, and I should plug them:

Fairgrounds Collision Center
230 Umbarger Road #15
San Jose 95111

Got home from all that, to find Gretchen locked outside of the house.  Apparently none of us had given her the lockbox code.  In the confusion of dealing with that, I proceeded to lock my keys in the truck.

Fortunately I'd left the back unlocked, and she was nice enough to climb through the back window and get the keys.  Made for quite a nice view, too...

And now, I think I'll find myself some food, then go back to bed.

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