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Trying To Kill Myself

Last night's show was extraordinarily good. We had a reasonable number of new singers - several quite good.

I had a great time - and also quite a number of companions. The booth was almost party central for a while, which was a welcome change.

Then the show ended, and I needed to pack up the equipment for timenchanter's group picnic. Hard to do when you're tired, but fortunately bluize helped considerably.

Headed home, decompressed, then got a few hour's sleep before getting ready.

The picnic was fun, even with a large number of equipment issues. It turned into the Timmie and cekyr0 show, but the others seemed to enjoy it that way.

After that exercise in heatstroke, Timmie, Alex, and Chris helped me pack, and I headed home to clean up. In the process one of the tables got loose and broke a window in jeffercine's truck, so tomorrow I get to arrange repairs for that.

Then off to Cheesecake Factory for clam chowder with unbreak_able, misswong77, and Jefferson.

And then to KoC, to try to put the equipment back and re-hang the speakers I borrowed. I got everything done but the latter, because Kaye's band was setting up in the way.

I found myself dragooned into doing their sound - on their equipment. Fortunately they don't require a lot of babysitting. Even more fortunately, they're damn good. I'm sitting listening to them now.

If you have the free time - and see this in time - come down. They're worth it.

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