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Alameda was, indeed, nice. The drive was even remarkable nice - I started at about 4:45, and got there an hour later, which is unprecedented at rush hour.

Hmmm. Signs of a potential economic problem...

Frida is out in NY with her daughter right now, so I spent the evening with Stuart and his mother Esther, both of whom are excellent company in their own right.

Spent over an hour in the hot tub. Unfortunately, the filters need cleaning, so my hair came out smelling like a swamp, but hey, ya know, sometimes ya gots ta sacrifice.

It was funny, though. I got a very fatherly lecture from Stuart (Who's 7 years younger than me) about my attitude toward the present object-oriented fad. Oops - attitude showing again. I finally got through to him that yes, I recognized there was validity to it, and yes, I had to act like I believed in it completely to get a job.

Then he installed Together on my laptop and gave me a quick lecture in how to use it. Joy.

Today, well, I've got lots to do, and should go about getting ready and doing it. I'm doing a show at timenchanter's department picnic tomorrow, and I've got to get everything together for it.

So perhaps I should get off the damn computer.

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