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Bruce [userpic]
Not Much, But Nothing Bad

Not a huge amount has happened.  I've been researching the power problem, and getting myself up to rewiring the breadboard.

I've finally done the latter, just in time to head to Alameda.  Of course, if doesn't work.  That would be asking too much - and I have no time to debug.  Ah well.

Had a nice dinner last night with timenchanter and Chris.  Spent too much time lurking - and commenting - on LJ.

That's pretty much it.  My computer thinks it's hot, even with my room AC cranked to max.  Of course, I think it's damn hot, too, so I don't blame it.

So I'm going to head up to Alameda, where it's probably comfortable.

Mood: hothot

Give my love to Stuart and Frida.

Well, I gave it to Stuart, anyway - Frida's in New York with Annelyse this week.

Oh...man I AM stepping out on my second husband duties if I didn't know that. :-(

Off obsessing about other people, you are.

Yeah, she's been in New York with Annelyse this week, Esther's up helping Stuart with Sabrina, and those three are taking off Friday morning for, I believe, Stuart's brother's wedding.

Or Frida's brother's. I'm not totally clear on that point.

After being married for a certain amount of time, it really doesn't matter much anymore. ;-)

Moi? Obsess? These silly notions you have, Mr. Rogers....

Silly notions indeed, they are.

Accurate, but still silly.