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Reasonably easy day.  Mena and stormmonkey were getting along well when I got up.  Rachell wanted to reorganize the living room, and Mena was reasonably glad to oblige.

Headed out to Alameda, did some French tutoring for an hour or so with Bernie - fortunately he knows pretty much what he wants, which makes that a lot easier.  Dinner with the extended Swerdloff family and their neighbors, who just got back from a cruise.

A couple of hours in the hot tub with Stuart and Frida - discussed project plans with Stuart.  He's supportive of the new module idea, but thinks I should continue to prototype the algorithm with the present one.  Can't disagree.  It's cheaper, and I should be able to get something demonstrable (And reasonably portable to the new platform) shortly.

Headed back to SJ, stopped off at timenchanter's, got him the tax printouts he needs.  Hung out a little bit, then collapsed on the couch.  With the laptop on my knees.  Getting way too attached, and haven't even named it.

Just woke up, and about to head home to my bed.  It calls to me...

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