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Went to Vibe, had some fun - consumed some Rockstar, which was kinda necessary at that point.

Vibe was nice, but a little deadish.  Makes me feel less guilty about my slow nights...

Hung out, had a couple of really good conversations, and headed home at around 1:30.

I haven't been particularly conscious since.  I mean, I have, here and there.  For one thing, the remote power setup is complete and tested.  I've also implemented part of the actual breadboard changes I've been putting off for two months.  Also worked on figuring out what to do about the continuing development board power problem - last night's purchase made it, if anything, worse.

But that was an hour here and there across the day.  Mostly I've been passed or zoned out.  Ah well.

Just crawled out of bed because I've got to get ready - it's my friend Lainee's birthday party tonight.  I need to get cleaned, dressed, and enthusiastic.  Woo!

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