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Great Circle

I was saved from worrying about the ladder yesterday by arranging to pick it up today.

So I had a leisurely lunch with Frida, made it back south in time to pick up Mena from school, then zoned until it was time to go to the show.

The show last night was damn good. For one thing, I was awake, which meant I was better at catching problems before they happened.

We had a nice crowd. Certainly not a huge crowd. The rotation did make it up to about 30 singers, and we only did 3 rounds, but a large fraction of the crowd was singing - and that place can look emptyish with 30 people in it.

But people had fun, I had fun, and nobody groused too badly about the immense rotation.

hollyk sang, which hasn't happened for quite a while.

People started evaporating around midnight, and I ran through the last slip at 1:35. I'm always happy when everybody who sticks around to sing gets to.

Went out to Denny's with supersniffles, then home. Got to sleep around 4:00.

Then spontaneously woke up at 8:40 and started working on some wiring I needed to do to get my new remote power controller working. It's now up and running.

Had lunch with timenchanter, headed home for a half-hour nap, then up the peninsula to Berkeley to pick up the ladder. Through rush-hour traffic, of course.

Got it, and even squeezed it into my car, then through S.F. and down to Burlingame for a visit with ferociouskitten. I hadn't really talked to her since she moved out of the house almost 2 years ago. We had dinner and caught up on doings. It's good to see she's doing well.

And then down the peninsula to the Palo Alto Fry's, because there's another doodad I must have. Sigh.

I'll be heading from here to Vibe. How long I stay there will depend completely on how long I stay awake. It's slightly disturbing how energetic I am. Also cool.

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