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Yesterday ended up as a series of hops up the peninsula.

I started with (finally!) getting myself to write bills for the last month.  They were, of course, marginally late, so I drove to the Lundy station to drop them off (I find it frequently cuts off a day in processing).

Then I needed to return something to the Hamilton Fry's, so I zagged back across the valley to there, and thence to Central Computer for a doo-dad I can't find anywhere else (A settable RJ-45 to RS-232 adapter - need it for a net-controlled power switch I just bought), and from there up to the City to buy a power miter box.  Way south Mission St - kind of a scary area, nice apartment, interesting person selling the saw.  It had apparently been part of a school class project at one time - and now it'll be doing my baseboard.

From there across the Oakland bridge (At rush hour, of course) and back around to Alameda.

Things got calmer at that point, though they also pressed a monitor on me, so now I've got a huge CRT monitor and a saw in my back seat, and I may be buying a ladder back in S.F. today.  It folds, but I'm not sure where it'll go in my little car...

On the one hand, I need to stop shopping.  On the other, I need to get the tools together for this home renovation project I've committed to.  Not to mention the $5000 - $6000 in materials.  At this rate I'll have enough money to last for another month in the place after I finish fixing it up.

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