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Soup and Salad

Had a very nice late lunch with unbreak_able, dancin_whitey, misswong77 and spawrhawk.

Debbie and Lucinda apparently have a thing for Cheesecake Factory clam chowder.  We pretty much all had a bowl - or their idea of a "cup".

It was, well, good.  I've rarely run into a bad clam chowder.  Not particularly on the excellent side, though I may have been influenced by the fact that it was a fresh batch - the potatoes hadn't really fully cooked yet, so the texture was a bit off.

Aaaanyway.  A fun time, mostly watching people reminisce about high school.  It's funny - even 6 years later, I was hard pressed to remember any names among my classmates.  These guys were going on about who they had crushes on - well, "these guys" being mostly Mikey and Lucinda.

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