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Stuff and BBQ

Not a lot to report.  After I calmed down from my last post, I headed out to what remained of the White Trash party at KoC.

Looked pretty successful, though as far as I could tell, "being pissed off" was in the air.  Fortunately a lot of people were having fun, too, but a  lot were pretty damn pissy.  I assume the heat to be mostly to blame in this case.

Came home, slept a bit, stared at my computer a lot, with no particular positive results.

Robin and Drew sort of invited themselves over for a BBQ, so we had a fairly nice time, though a fair amount of the entertainment was watching Mena being drunk.

They're still going, but I'm attempting to get myself to sleep, so I can get some household stuff done early tomorrow.

We'll see how that goes.

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