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Further Avoidance

My day has been relatively calm, by the simple method of:  Not being home.

Most of it was spent with timenchanter at the warehouse, as he set up boxes to be shredded.  Initially I was going to drive out to meet him for lunch, but as I headed out the door, I discovered "She" had taken it on herself to borrow the car again - without asking - minutes previously.

She's developing a true skill in that direction.  I've already asked for my key back (And she's already played dumb).

Got back from lunch, grabbed my laptop and the car, and headed back out to the warehouse so Timmie could do his taxes.  Turns out she left some schoolbooks in the back seat, which she kept calling about.  My heart bled profusely.

Spent a lazy couple of hours just hanging out, then had to head home because Mena had locked herself out of her room.  Dropped off the books, then hightailed it back out of there.  Got involved in a lengthy SMS-fest with "She" and Mena, mainly because "She" discovered that Mena was (gasp!) secretly hanging out with Robin.  Told her I knew, and had been doing it as well.  Probably why "She" wasn't home when I eventually got back.

Hung out some more with Timmie at his place until it was time for him to go out with Scott for the evening, and then came back and locked myself in my room.  All is quiet on the Llorona front, because for once stormmonkey is actually here for the night.  This is good.  I really don't want to kick her out.  However, I do need to have a lengthy talk with her, which I'm avoiding like everything else.

On the project front, I'm seriously considering changing processors.  It's a little late in the game, but the Netburner has a lot of disadvantages, and the only positive seems to have been that a friend of Stuart's had worked with a different module from the same company once.

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