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Oy. Tweakers.

When I headed home today, I got a call from "She" - she wanted to grab some more of her stuff, and needed to get into the house.

That was fine, I let her in, talked a little bit, and left her going through stuff in her room.

I was in my room, surfing away, when I noticed the connection was down. So I went downstairs. She was busy yanking interesting-looking items off the system. Mostly loose cables from the last time she dismantled a computer from that area, but also the wireless receiver for the downstairs main computer keyboard - it "looked like the one she used to have for her mouse". The fact it was connected to a different computer was apparently irrelevant.

True enough. She once had a Logitech mouse - it went with her Mac when she sold it to her brother.

She's apparently still on this kick of wanting to put together computers. Which is fine, and I may even help her, though she'll have to come down quite a bit first. But I really don't like her scavenging all her spare parts off of my systems. Silly me.

I had to go through everything she'd scavenged, figure out what I needed to put back. I did let her take a few things I'll probably eventually need.

It appears all the cables that connected the downstairs stereo components are in a pile, as well.

It of course took her forever to figure out how to cart her stuff off, as well, while both Mena and I hovered, trying to make sure she didn't pull something else.


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