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Emergency Company

I was looking forward to relaxedly lounging around on Tuesday - as opposed to my usual tense lounging around.  Mena was staying home because Mellie was sick, so I didn't need to pick her up from school, and I had a few minor setup projects around the room.

Had a nice lunch with timenchanter, cekyr0, and chargerboy.  It was a lot of fun teaching Alex more about Indian food.

Then Frida called, feeling extremely lonely.  So I finished up what I was doing, collected bills so I could pay them at Stuart&Frida's (I've only been getting to bills around once a month lately - and it took me almost an hour to winnow out the bills from the junk mail), and headed up to beautiful Alameda.

Had a nice afternoon at the dog park, a pleasant dinner, hung out with both of them - and then ran into a great deal of static about going home.

In fact, I'll probably run into more, later.  I don't know quite what it is, but Frida definitely likes having me hang around.  I should feel flattered, and I do, in fact, but I also have my own stuff to do.  So after they went to bed, I snuck home.

Did my usual surfing/chair sleeping for a few hours, then got to bed.  Woke up around 2:15, just about in time to pick Mena up from school.

And now I'm back.

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